NFL Football Betting 101

Welcome to PlaybookPortfolio’s comprehensive guide to NFL football betting. Whether you’re a seasoned bettor or new to the game, this guide will provide you with the foundational knowledge and strategies needed to succeed in betting on NFL football. Understanding the intricacies of the NFL and its betting landscape is crucial for making informed decisions and maximizing your potential for profit.

Understanding the NFL

The National Football League (NFL) is divided into two conferences: the American Football Conference (AFC) and the National Football Conference (NFC). Each conference is further divided into four divisions: North, South, East, and West. The league consists of 32 teams, with 16 teams in each conference.

AFC Divisions

  • AFC North: Includes the Baltimore Ravens, Cincinnati Bengals, Cleveland Browns, and Pittsburgh Steelers.
  • AFC South: Includes the Houston Texans, Indianapolis Colts, Jacksonville Jaguars, and Tennessee Titans.
  • AFC East: Includes the Buffalo Bills, Miami Dolphins, New England Patriots, and New York Jets.
  • AFC West: Includes the Denver Broncos, Kansas City Chiefs, Las Vegas Raiders, and Los Angeles Chargers.

NFC Divisions

  • NFC North: Includes the Chicago Bears, Detroit Lions, Green Bay Packers, and Minnesota Vikings.
  • NFC South: Includes the Atlanta Falcons, Carolina Panthers, New Orleans Saints, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
  • NFC East: Includes the Dallas Cowboys, New York Giants, Philadelphia Eagles, and Washington Football Team.
  • NFC West: Includes the Arizona Cardinals, Los Angeles Rams, San Francisco 49ers, and Seattle Seahawks.

Types of NFL Bets

Understanding the different types of bets you can place on NFL football is essential for building a successful betting strategy. Here are the most common types of bets:

Moneyline Bets

Moneyline bets are straightforward: you pick the winner of the game. The odds will reflect the relative strength of the teams, with favorites having lower payouts and underdogs offering higher payouts.

Point Spread Bets

Point spread betting is one of the most popular forms of wagering on NFL football. The sportsbook sets a margin of victory, and you bet on whether the favorite will win by more than the spread or if the underdog will lose by less than the spread or win outright.

Over/Under Bets

Also known as totals, over/under bets involve wagering on whether the combined score of both teams will be over or under a specified number set by the sportsbook.

Parlay Bets

Parlays combine multiple bets into one wager. To win, all of your selections must be correct. Parlays offer higher payouts but come with increased risk since one incorrect pick results in a loss.

Prop Bets

Proposition bets, or props, are wagers on specific events within a game, such as which player will score the first touchdown or how many yards a quarterback will throw for.

Futures Bets

Futures bets are wagers placed on events that will occur later in the season, such as which team will win the Super Bowl or who will win the MVP award.

Betting Strategies for NFL Football

Developing a sound betting strategy is key to long-term success. Here are some tips and strategies to consider when betting on NFL football:

Research and Analysis

Thorough research is critical. Study team statistics, player performances, coaching styles, and other relevant factors. Keep up with injury reports and weather conditions, as they can significantly impact the outcome of games.

Understanding Key Numbers

In football betting, certain numbers are more significant due to the scoring system (e.g., 3, 7, 10, 14). Understanding these key numbers can help you make more informed bets, especially when it comes to point spreads.

Line Shopping

Different sportsbooks may offer slightly different odds and lines. Shopping around for the best line can increase your potential payout and give you an edge over the sportsbook.

Bankroll Management

Effective bankroll management is crucial. Set a budget for your bets and stick to it, avoiding the temptation to chase losses. Determine your unit size (a percentage of your bankroll) and bet consistently.

Betting Against the Public

Sometimes referred to as “fading the public,” this strategy involves betting against the majority opinion. Public bettors tend to favor favorites and high-profile teams, which can create value on the other side.

Responsible Gambling

At PlaybookPortfolio, we prioritize responsible gambling. Betting on NFL football should be a fun and enjoyable activity, not a source of stress or financial strain. Here are some tips for responsible gambling:

Set Limits

Determine how much time and money you can afford to spend on betting and stick to these limits. Setting limits helps you stay in control and prevents gambling from becoming overwhelming.

Stay Informed

Educate yourself about the risks and make informed decisions. Understanding the nature of gambling and the potential consequences of irresponsible behavior is crucial for maintaining a healthy relationship with betting.

Seek Help if Needed

If you feel that gambling is becoming a problem, seek support from friends, family, or professional organizations. Many organizations offer resources and support for those struggling with gambling addiction. Don’t hesitate to reach out for help if you need it.

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Watch and Learn

For a visual introduction to NFL football betting, check out this informative video on YouTube: NFL Football Betting 101 – Tips and Strategies. This video provides a comprehensive overview of NFL football betting, covering the basics and offering valuable tips to help you get started.


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